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Our Design Engineers are problem solvers who bridge the gap between traditional engineering and design to bring new innovations to market – and improve existing products and the processes involved in making them.

Design Engineering is a highly creative discipline that draws on a knowledge of engineering, technical design, product development, business and marketing to ensure that your product or solution not only works and is great to use – but is economical or profitable.


Design Thinking

You have a challenge – but the problem and/or solution is hard to define. The dreamteam can help. By using the 5 stages of design thinking (Empathise, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test) they can tackle your challenges by re-framing the problem with the user in mind.

Having agreed a brief, they move to the discovery phase to understand the users needs and define the problem and possible solutions. They then ideate a range concepts or solutions to discuss with you – and by calling on a multitude of skills (in-house) at Imperial, they could also prototype, refine and test the solution to help reach a resolution.

The team can also assist with the sales and marketing efforts.


How our Design Engineers could help you?

Projects range from themed face masks and engagement campaign to encourage use and reduce COVID-19 transmission within workforces, branded corporate gifts that truly evoke the ethos of the organisation – to improving rider experience for BMX’ers. And anything in between.

In fact, amongst other skills, the dreamteam has experience in:

• User-Centred Design
• Design for Manufacturing (DFM)
• UX and UI Design
• Graphic and Website Design
• Electronics
• Robotics
• Machine Learning
• Sustainable Design

So, what is your challenge?


Draft in the dreamteam

Engaging the dreamteam is a great way to access the plethora of student talent within The Dyson School of Design Engineering at Imperial College London.

Each solutions team is made up of the best students to answer the specific needs of your brief – expertly led by an academic consultant to ensure your project is delivered on time and to expectation. So, you benefit from ideas that are fresh and forward-thinking ‘by design’ – and the team gets to put their lessons into action, applying their skills to real-world challenges.

Contact us and we’ll arrange an e-meeting to see how the rising stars of design engineering can tackle your challenge.


Case study:  Themed antimicrobial masks. 

With students and staff back on campus, the challenge was to keep the Imperial College London’s community safe and minimise the spread of COVID19.

Students Shafae Ali, Jemima Bradley and Alfie Mcmeeking, worked alongside Prof. Nick Munro to design and create a range of high-tech, reusable face masks – with optional ear comforter. The theme of the collection and campaign – ‘Actions Speak Louder’ – is a call for students, by students, to wear masks and protect not only themselves and their community, but to be an example in how to adapt in difficult circumstances. 

Shafae Ali, Production Lead on the project, said: “my first thought was to do an Imperial branded face mask. Masks can often feel anonymous, so we wanted to create a sense of unity amongst students whilst remaining stylish” 

Alfie Mcmeeking, Creative Leadsaid: “In a time of potential anxiety around social distancing, we felt designs encompassing the qualities of togetherness and unity were more important than ever. I wanted to evoke a community spirit amongst students and staff on campus, whilst also providing superior protection compared to standard masks. We iterated the designs over 80 times before reaching a final collection.  

The three-layered mask itself features technology by Swiss company HeiQ and include SmartTemp for dynamic cooling, Eco Dry and Pure water repellent technology and Viroblock, which uses silver ions and cosmetic grade liposomes for antimicrobial protection. 

Jemima Bradley, Commercial Lead on the project, said: “We knew from the start that the technology was especially important, as I don’t think that Imperial students should expect any less than the best that we can provide. 

The students oversaw the entire process from design of the mask and its packaging, sourcing/supply chain development ensuring a fast route to market and creation of point of sale displays.

An ongoing campaign was also designed and delivered to engage student and staff, encouraging them to wear masks on campus and helping overcome any concerns about face coverings.  

Visit the dreamteam website for more detailed information about the project



Packaging and point of sale – dreamteam COVID19 face mask


Dreamteam COVID19 face mask pakagingPoint of sale stand for dreamteam COVID19 face mask


face masks designed by dreamteamface masks designed by dreamteam


Who to contact:

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