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Qatar Robotics Surgery Centre launched in London

Imperial Consultants has been a key contributor to the development of the Centre, which will be a centre of international excellence in robotic surgery.

The launch event, hosted at the Royal Academy of Engineering in London, was attended by Her Highness Sheikha Mozah Bint Nasser Al Missned, along with guests from the QSTP and UK universities.


Leading experts from Imperial College London have been working with QSTP since 2007 to establish the Centre. Its researchers have been delivering expert advice on establishing the facilities, forming the strategy for technology development activities and coaching the trainers in addition to delivering parts of the training content.


Lord Ara Darzi, Professor of Surgery at Imperial College London, has been appointed chairman of the QRSC International Surgery Panel.


The Qatar Robotic Surgery Centre seeks to become a focal point for world class expertise in robotic surgery. In order to meet this goal, it will have three core activities. The Centre will act as a demonstration platform for advanced surgical technologies.


Secondly, as a commercial service the Centre will offer a broad range of robotic training programs for surgeons, healthcare professionals and scientists. Lastly, the Centre will perform and stimulate technology development in medical robotics. The “International Fellowship Programme” will contribute to the development of this third activity.


Qatar Robotic Surgery Centre is located at QSTP, which is investing US$ 65 million in the Qatar Robotic Surgery Centre. The Centre is partnering with leading local organizations, like Hamad Medical Corporation and Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar, to become the nerve Centre for technology development of medical robotics in the Middle East, promoting clinical application of the technology in the region.

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