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Paediatric HIV symposium – 20th International AIDS Conference

Client: ViiV Healthcare

Consultant: Dr Gareth Tudor-Williams, Department of Medicine

Expertise: Anti-retroviral drugs, HIV infections/Paediatric HIV

Our consultants shared their expertise in anti-retroviral drugs, HIV infections/paediatric HIV to help ViiV Healthcare deliver symposia on growing the future leaders in paediatric HIV at the International Aids Conference 2014.


The Challenge

ViiV Healthcare is a pharmaceutical company that develop treatments for people with HIV. They needed help to deliver two symposia on paediatric HIV for AIDS 2014, the 20th International AIDS Conference, that aimed at mobilising stakeholders against an HIV epidemic.


The Solution

Dr Tudor-Williams has specialised in HIV infection in children since 1989 and has assisted in several initiatives to improve education and the administration of anti-retroviral drugs among HIV infected communities around the world.

He developed a symposium programme that educated delegates on the issues faced by children who have been living with HIV since birth, including slower drug development rates than for adults and community stigma. Additionally, the symposium discussed ways to identify, inspire and support the paediatric HIV leaders of tomorrow, particularly those who may be children currently living with the condition.


The Impact

The conference was attended by around 12,000 delegates and involved high profile speakers including Bill Clinton, Sir Bob Geldof and Executive Director of UNAIDS, Michel Sidibé. The symposium contributed to the overall aim of ‘stepping up the pace’ to ensure that HIV remains a top priority in the world today, focussing on improving HIV treatments and reducing stigma.


Dr Tudor-Williams comments:

I was honoured to contribute to this prestigious conference on a subject so closely aligned with my research and personal interests. Sharing my knowledge on paediatric HIV with the wider community through consultancy projects like this is essential to work towards real change for children living with HIV around the world. On a practical level, consultancy has allowed me to support my research in this area by funding staff development activities for my team such as meeting and conference attendance.

Dr Gareth Tudor-Williams
Department of Medicine, Imperial College London


Katy Hayward, Global Lead Paediatrics at ViiV Healthcare comments:

The conference was a great exercise to help to keep the idea of supporting tomorrow’s leaders in this field at the front of everyone’s mind. Basing our symposium on world class expertise undoubtedly strengthened our message and cause. Gareth’s professional approach and care has given hope that children living with HIV could be empowered in the future to significantly change the course of the HIV epidemic.

Katy Hayward
Global Lead Paediatrics, ViiV Healthcare

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