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Imperial Consultants provides expertise for iconic company: BSI

In a consultancy project facilitated by Imperial Consultants, Dr Koen van Dam from Imperial’s Department of Chemical Engineering provided BSI with a model describing the movement of data and information across cities. This model enabled BSI to create an overview of existing standards that could help during the implementation of smart cities.

Mr Saviour Alfino from BSI comments:

“We believe there are a number of areas where barriers to smart city implementation could be reduced through the provision of standards. Dr van Dam’s expertise has brought us one step closer to making standards easily accessible to stakeholders in order to accelerate smart city projects.”

With over half of the world’s population expected to be living in urban areas by 2050, pressure for cities to run more effectively and efficiently is mounting, making smart city development an exciting area of growth for both research and industry.


Keywords to search for smart city standards

Dr van Dam’s model, inspired by publications from cities and technology vendors, helped to generate keywords to support the search for existing standards that are relevant to smart cities. These keywords relate to application areas such as energy and transport, where the integration of ICT can help make systems more efficient. Keywords connected with areas including sustainability and community engagement were also identified.


Standards are already available to guide smart city projects

By searching and mapping national, European and international standards to the model, Dr van Dam identified nearly one hundred standards that could guide technical, process-related and strategic tasks during the building of smart cities. BSI’s new standard ‘PAS 181 – Smart city framework’ was one of those included in the report.


Dr van Dam explains:

“I was able to identify that most of the standards available related to infrastructure and the built environment, with few on the service-based sectors. The next stage will be to develop standards that fill in the gaps and improve accessibility to standards for those involved in smart city projects.”


Imperial Consultants working with global brands

BSI is one of the founding members of ISO (International Organization for Standardization). It has helped organisations to improve and embed excellence and best practice into their operations for over a century and currently remains a leading global standards maker, with 70,000 clients operating in 150 countries.

Imperial Consultants works with organisations of all types and sizes from global brands such as BSI, to SMEs, government and third sector organisations.


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