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The Data Science Institute: A collaborative hub for academia and industry worldwide

The DSI, which launched at Imperial College London on 1st April, aims to unlock the vast potential held within data and nurture the talent of the world leading data science experts of today and tomorrow by helping external organisations harness the College’s research-driven data expertise through consultancy, and collaborate with pioneering data scientists on research projects.

Professor Yike Guo, Director of the DSI at Imperial, comments:

"The launch of the DSI is an invitation to industry and academia to join us in addressing the frontiers of scientific research in the big data era. It is open for business and we are looking forward to working with collaborators to put data at the core of research and innovation with the aim of building a healthy and sustainable modern world."

The DSI will be a focal point for multidisciplinary collaboration between Imperial’s researchers and external organisations. Using cutting edge techniques, researchers at the Institute will extract sophisticated insights from the huge amounts of data that we create every day in order to drive the development of new solutions to complex problems in areas such as healthcare, financial services, climate science, and urban infrastructure.


Data revolution

The world has produced more data in the last two years than in all of human history and the amount we create is increasing exponentially. These data will allow us to improve our predictions of diseases in people, stimulate innovation, unleash waves of productivity and create new consumer services.


Paul Cray, Business Development Manager for Natural Sciences at Imperial Consultants (ICON) comments:

“The development of increasingly sophisticated tools, such as face recognition software, is allowing data, both big and small, to be handled in novel ways. This offers wide-ranging benefits to organisations that will need to capitalise on this Data Revolution to stay competitive in the market.”

From the development of large data sensor networks to mitigate the effects of flooding in the UK, to using information collected from satellites to understand how changes in the sun may affect our climate, there is already a wealth of research that the DSI is seeking to undertake.


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