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Record breaking year for Imperial Consultants!

As the consultancy arm of Imperial College London, Imperial Consultants connects external companies and governmental organisations to the expertise and technical facilities on offer at the College.

Thanks to the continued support from the College and its academics, we were able to announce today a 26% increase in our annual turnover from last year, with the new figure standing at £20.9m for 2011-12 (£16.6m 2010-11).


By promoting and negotiating the provision of consultancy services by Imperial academics, we have supported the generation of an additional £5.4m (£5.2m 2010-11) for departments.


We have also made a profit of £4.2m (£3.5m 2010-11) which will be gifted to the College for distribution as unencumbered funds. These funds have allowed departments to further develop their research teams through recruitment and training, in addition to enabling the purchase of new equipment.


The significant increase in our annual turnover can largely be attributed to our increased provision of expert witness services. Additionally, numerous departments have grown their consultancy efforts this year, with the Department of Physics more than doubling their consultancy revenue and both the Department of Surgery and Cancer and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering increasing their revenues by over £600k.


It is clear that the internationally renowned expertise of Imperial’s academics is highly valued and sought after within industry and we look forward to further harnessing the talent that we have within College to broaden our industrial collaborations in the coming year.