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Imperial Festival: Ask an expert winners announced

The Festival attracted thousands of guests of all ages and backgrounds who were treated to an array of displays showcasing the activities and achievements of Imperial College London, from science comedy, to cutting-edge research to belly dancing.

The Imperial Consultants team welcomed many visitors over the two days who were intrigued by consultancy and how Imperial's academics use their knowledge to solve real problems.


Our stand featured a selection of our international consultancy projects, highlighting the breadth of location, discipline and topics covered by the projects we undertake.


For the second year running, we also rolled out our ‘Ask an Expert’ competition, where Prof Ralf Toumi, Prof Andrew Davison and Dr David Clements agreed to answer a question posed by a guest on climate change, the future of computers and robots and the future of space travel respectively. We received many interesting questions on each topic and would like to thank everyone who took part.


Philip Allsopp:

“Are there any factors which influence sea level rise that could cause rapid flooding of coastal areas such as Guyana and Venezuela?

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Luca Eleftheriades: 

Can robots do our washing and tidy up after us in the future?

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Tyler Woodand: 

How long will it be until space travel can be for anyone, like a trip to the moon for a holiday etc?

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Our final thanks go to all the academics who contributed to our stand from acting as our experts, to providing technical project information for the displays.