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Imperial Consultants hosts OneNucleus BioWednesday

“The power of consultancy - Solving problems for the pharmaceutical industry and beyond” took place at ICON’s home, 58 Prince’s Gate in London, and focussed on how the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries can create value by engaging the expertise of university researchers on a consultancy basis.

Consultancy is valuable but often overlooked

As a major mechanism of translation, consultancy delivered by researchers can play a valuable role in drug development and associated research by laying the foundations for projects in terms of both relationship building and knowledge transfer.


Tony Jones, OneNucleus said:

“We were excited to finally give consultancy centre stage at BioWednesday. It is often the fastest and most flexible way to tap into the resources of world class universities, and could help some of our members to fill gaps in their knowledge and expertise to solve key problems.”


Consultancy at Imperial College London is managed by Imperial Consultants (ICON)

Our own Dr Rebecca Andrew (Director of Business Development and Marketing) discussed how ICON’s set up ‘at arm’s length’ from the College allows it to be business focussed, providing commercial expertise to Imperial’s academics and knowledge of the academic environment to external organisations.


Rebecca Andrew comments:

"Knowing which expert to approach is often a stumbling block for companies wanting to interact with universities. We address this at ICON by using our deep-rooted understanding of Imperial’s academic base to match the needs of organisations with the appropriate expertise. This allows us to develop consultancy projects that deliver impact for both the client and consultant.”


Consultancy benefits both industry and researchers

Professor Jane Davies from Imperial’s National Heart and Lung Institute provided an academic perspective on consultancy, sharing a case study on her work in Cystic Fibrosis. Having acted as a consultant through ICON for many years, Jane has provided advice relating to Cystic Fibrosis and clinical trial design for several pharmaceutical companies, enabling them to move forward with their research and drug development programmes.


Jane Davies said:

"Consultancy has enhanced my career in many ways, complementing my research and allowing me to help make a difference to the lives of Cystic Fibrosis sufferers. I can see real scope for the application of my advisory skills and expertise in parallel areas outside of the Cystic Fibrosis field and I look forward to exploring these opportunities with ICON”.



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