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Imperial Consultants celebrates over 20% growth in 2013 annual results

Imperial Consultants today reported a 24% increase in annual turnover, rising to £26m for 2012-13 from £21m in 2011-12 and confirming their position as the largest university-owned consultancy company in the UK.

£5.4million gifted aided to Imperial College London

By promoting and negotiating the provision of consultancy services by academics at Imperial College London, Imperial Consultants supported the generation of £4.2m (£3.4m 2011-12) for departments, and reported a profit of £5.4m (£4.2m 2011-12) in the year, which will be gift aided to the College for distribution as unencumbered funds. These funds allow departments to further develop their research teams through recruitment, training and the purchase of new equipment.


Mr Paul Docx, Managing Director of Imperial Consultants comments:

“These results highlight the increasing importance placed by academics and external organisations on consultancy as an effective and valuable mechanism for knowledge transfer, often supporting research activities rather than running in parallel and providing a growing contribution for the College’s impact agenda. Maintaining this scale of growth for two years in a row really is an incredible achievement and testament to the hard work of the College’s academics and Imperial Consultants staff.”

Consultancy support for academics = solutions for external organisations

As a self-funding, wholly owned company of the College, Imperial Consultants provides practical and innovative solutions for external organisations by facilitating access to the College’s resources.

Solutions are tailored to clients’ needs by drawing on any one or a combination of: the cutting edge expertise of Imperial’s academics (consultancy), use of Imperial’s world-class equipment and facilities and Imperial Consultants’ specialist collaborative project management services (for collaborative tenders or research projects, funded by the EU or other sources).

In order to achieve this successfully, Imperial Consultants supports Imperial’s academics throughout the consultancy process including the provision of indemnity insurance, contract negotiation and project administration, allowing our consultants to concentrate on the technical aspects of the project.