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Event - High Performance Computing

HPC: The future of simulation, design, optimisation and prediction for the digital economy

An Imperial Tech Foresight event


Today, the blistering speed of high performance computers makes it possible for researchers to unlock the mysteries of the brain, predict societal shifts, decipher the human genome and even describe materials that have yet to be invented.

What new opportunities and challenges for software design, efficiency and reliability will we see over the next 20 years?

Join academic and industry experts, policy-makers and entrepreneurs as they explore the applications that will exploit the power of high performance computing in the coming decade and the potential shift from niche uses to broader adoption.

Our World Economic Forum speakers will explore different uses of HPC whilst “futorial” workshops will discuss FinTech and climate change implications for insurance.



Dr. Katharina Hauck – Senior Lecturer in Health Economics, Imperial College London

Katharina will explain how supercomputing can provide the quantitative evidence that policy-makers need to make better decisions through a better understanding of the interactions between the factors that determine population health and the number of health interventions available.

Dr. Gerard Gorman – Reader in Computational Science, Imperial College London

Gerard will talk about the promise of big data - and the need to create software that can write software, which, when integrated with machine learning, enables designers and engineers to turn ideas into models faster. Gerard will give examples of how supercomputing has been used in the oil and gas industry in reservoir modelling.

Prof. Nick Jennings – Vice-Provost (Research)

Nick will talk about the challenges that an ever more connected world has on cyber-security. He will explore how supercomputing can help tackle vulnerabilities - and how HPC, together with advances in machine learning, will make it possible to model the unknown and be ready for future cyber-attacks.



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Thursday 23 February 2017


13:30 – 17:30 GMT


The Royal Geographical Society

1 Kensington Gore, London SW7 2AR