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Carbon Capture Pilot Plant opens at Imperial

Imperial’s Carbon Capture Pilot Plant officially opens to students and industry today as part of the newly completed ChemEng Discovery Space - a £9m state-of-the-art teaching and research development.

Situated on the College’s central London campus at South Kensington, the Plant has been built to the highest industrial standards and provides researchers, students and industry with a powerful research resource. The Pilot Plant incorporates futuristic technology that could one day be adopted by power stations globally to stop CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.


The Carbon Capture Pilot Plant typifies many of the features that chemical engineers will encounter on real industrial sites, whilst being supported by the latest chemical engineering teaching equipment and laboratory space.


The stunning ABB sponsored control room, costing approximately £1 million, forms the centrepiece of the plant and offers researchers, students and industry hands-on experience of controlling a Plant within a realistic and safe environment.


For more information about the Plant and the ChemEng Discovery Space, please click link.


Open to industry and students from around the world

The Carbon Capture Pilot Plant is open to industry and students from around the world for six months of the year (outside of College term time). Housed within Imperial’s Chemical Engineering Department, industry can access support from a network of leading researchers and technicians.


The Carbon Capture Pilot Plant can be used for:

  • Training courses (for industry-based chemical engineers and plant technicians)
  • Summer schools (for engineering students from around the world)
  • Carbon Capture research & development
  • Testing, analysis and consultancy


We welcome enquiries seeking to access the plant and its accompanying resources on a short-term, long-term or repeat basis.