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Industries & Expertise


Imperial College London is a thriving hub of forward-thinking and innovative experts in areas spanning the diverse nature of the nanotechnology industry from power generation and energy storage to regenerative medicine and pharmaceuticals.

The applications of nanotechnology are numerous and diverse. Our consultants have expertise in a number of areas including nanofiltration systems for safe water, understanding nanotoxicology for safe drug delivery and the development of nanostructured materials for photovoltaic devices.


We have expertise and capabilities to develop and test nanomaterials including:


  • Nanotechnology in energy and power

    Batteries, biofuels, combustion optimisation, fuel cells, low carbon technology, photovoltaics, turbo-chargers, solar driven fuel synthesis, energy storage, sustainable energy and low energy lighting.

  • Nanotechnology in medicine and biology

    Drug design, pharmaceuticals, molecular imaging, biosensors, cosmetics, regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, nanotoxicology and biocompatability.

  • Advanced materials and fluids expertise

    Adhesives, catalysts and catalytic activation, coatings, composites, electronics, functional materials, plasmonics, plastics, photonics, polymers, solvents, semiconductors and sensors.

  • Access to facilities

    Modelling, molecular simulation, experimental design, microscopy, spectroscopy, spectrometry, software analysis, micro and nano – fluidics, finite element analysis, crystallography, characterisation, scanning probe, electrochemistry and thin film deposition.



Whether its testing materials for the next generation of solar cells or developing batteries for energy storage, our consultants are experienced and enthusiastic about applying their world class, research-driven knowledge and expertise in industry, using their understanding of the small scale to make an impact on all scales.