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Medical Devices

Imperial College London’s multi-disciplinary expertise across medicine, design, engineering and computing has enabled ICON to assist start-ups and major firms in developing pioneering medical devices from concept to marketing approval.

Our consultants actively research the latest technologies and processes in areas from imaging, IVDs and orthopaedics to robotic surgery, neurotechnology and energy emitting devices. They are experienced and dedicated to contributing their world class capabilities to teams developing the latest innovations to revolutionise the medical sector.

Imperial has extensive expertise that can support you with your medical devices whether you are developing cutting-edge technology such as robotics or sensors or needing essential health technology assessment required to reach the market. Imperial also has clinical expertise in neuroscience and mental health.

We have helped clients solve a range of problems:


  • Medical device design and health technology assessment (HTA)

    Collaborating closely with the NIHR London DEC, we offer advice on medical or diagnostic device design, device prototyping and testing stakeholder analysis, clinical needs assessment, patient pathway, usability assessment, validation of clinical effectiveness, cost-effectiveness analysis, developing value propositions, payer reimbursement, economic modelling and pre-clinical/clinical trial design.

  • Sensors in medical devices

    Bioelectrical, biophysical, mechanical, chemical sensor and biosensor development for biomedical applications, biomimic sensors, wearable/implantable sensors, wireless communication, sensor design, and energy storage technologies, low power circuits for data processing and wireless transmission, real-time signal processing and data analysis, advice on the emerging standards for surgical sensors and implants.

  • Robotics

    Assistive and rehabilitation robotics, surgical robotics, micro-nano robots, 3D printing for micro/nano scale components, perception and cognitive robotics, brain-machine-interfaces and interaction, computer assisted surgery, procedure and systems modelling and simulation in medicine and surgery.


Whether you need help with rehabilitation robots or biomimic sensors, we can find the right people to help you solve a problem flexibly and responsively.





Case studies

The case studies below demonstrate how we help the College’s researchers to create direct impact from their research while providing effective and innovative solutions for our clients.

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