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Industries & Expertise


ICON have helped manufacturing companies from Rolls Royce to Dyson adapt to social and economic pressures in order to grow profitably and sustainably.

Process automation and robotic integration is becoming more commonplace across the manufacturing industry and Imperial has the capabilities to help develop, test and optimise manufacturing processes.

Our consultants are experienced and enthusiastic about applying their world class, research-driven knowledge and expertise in industry; making a real impact in industry in areas including:


  • Advanced materials and fluids

    Adhesives, catalysts, coatings, composites, electronics, functional materials, plastics, polymers and solvents.

  • Energy production

    Batteries, biofuels, combustion optimisation, fuel cells, low carbon technology, lubricants and turbo-chargers.

  • Processes and systems

    Additive manufacturing and protoyping, automation and control, innovative business models, product, process and system design, resource efficiency, robotics, supply chain and plant optimisation, waste management, metal and alloy forming and casting.


Whether you need help with process optimisation, new product design or something as specific as improving the accuracy of metal folding, we can find the right people to help you solve a problem flexibly and responsively.