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Industries & Expertise


ICON has facilitated many large consulting projects that deliver solutions based on Imperial’s world leading expertise on topics ranging from healthcare reform and policy to epidemiological surveys.

Our consultants are experienced in applying their knowledge and skill to challenges faced in both the public and private sectors and many are leading figures in organisations such as the World Health Organization, the World Bank and different bodies of the EU. Several have held public office and have designed and delivered successful healthcare strategies globally.

We have helped clients solve a range of problems:


  • Health economics

    The expertise of leading health economists and a large amount of comparative data offers solutions on health system performance assessment, assessment of performance and quality of providers, incentive and payment and their impacts and the economic impact of disease.

  • Innovation in healthcare

    Innovation and organisational change across the healthcare supply chain, health systems performance and health services research, adoption, implementation and sustainability of innovation, service, technology and infrastructure planning and delivery, global health policy evaluation, design in healthcare and public health education.

  • Epidemiology expertise

    Collecting, analysing and monitoring large cohorts, national and international cohort and population collections, global health research, medical and biostatistics.

  • e-health and m-health

    Development, implementation, regulation and evaluation of advanced ICT systems for e-health, health informatics to improve health system performance and public health, evidence to influence e-health policy, m-health app development and e-learning.

  • Molecular Diagnostics Unit (MDU)

    The CPA-accredited Molecular Diagnostic Unit (MDU) provides fast, accurate diagnostic tests for the management of infectious and genetic diseases using latest technology, including next generation sequencing and UPLC. Through ongoing research and development of new diagnostic methods it strives to remain ahead of the field in diagnostic testing and clinical monitoring.

    The MDU supports the HIV and HTLV trials of the Clinical Trials Centre and patient management for The National Centre for Human Retrovirology and Imperial College Healthcare Trust.

    Work to date has been centred on HIV, hepatitis viruses and sexually transmitted infections - but the clinical requirements of other clients can be catered for, click for more details.

  • Training in healthcare

    Our academics have provided training in public health and health economics in the UK and internationally.

Whether you need help with healthcare strategy or a comparative analysis on the reimbursement system for a drug, we can find the right people to help you solve a problem flexibly and responsively.