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Industries & Expertise

Environment and Climate Change

Imperial College London's researchers are renowned world-wide for their expertise and interdisciplinary, collaborative outlook - generating a direct global impact from their research to preserve the environment and reduce the effects of climate change.

As consultants, they have employed latest thinking and technologies to address current climate change and environmental concerns for government and industry.

Whether you need help with implementing mitigation and adaptation strategies, innovation in urban water projects or producing biofuels, we can find the right consultant to solve your challenge.


Ecology and conservation

Evidence based decision making, sustainable food supplies, biodiversity and ecosystem modelling, environmental monitoring and predations, human impact on ecosystems, eco-informatics, crop yield, disease and disease vectors as well as optimisation of pesticide use.
Environmental impact of mining, environmental geochemistry with reference to human health and the environment.

Water and waste management

Water resource assessment, hydrological modelling, urban and rural flood risk management, surface and groundwater contaminant transport, contaminated land assessment and remediation, water and wastewater treatment processes, water distribution systems, water conservation and leakage detection, sustainable urban drainage, biological systems engineering for water quality and waste re-use, sewerage design and optimisation plus solid waste management.

Earth Science

Geodynamics, transport in porous media, modelling flow of fluids, clumped and bulk isotope analysis of carbonate reservoirs, 3-D laser particle shape acquisition and characterisation, rock fragment packing and void geometry.


Modelling to predict the dispersion of pollutants in urban and natural environments, Study of the forms, dispersion and the associated risks of metals, naturally-occurring radioactive substances, arsenic and heavy metals plus persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic organic chemicals through the environment.

Climate change impact assessment

Biodiversity, ecological impact, human health, urban energy systems, water management and atmosphere as well as on economics.

Mitigation of climate change

Clean fossil fuels, carbon capture and storage, climate modelling, risk management, policy, life cycle assessments and sustainable chemistry.
Urban projects to tackle sustainability and climate change related issues through the diffusion of novel energy, water, mobility technologies, the application of novel business models, or creation of urban plans.

Experts include...

Dr Christoph Mazur - expertise in Smart Technologies, Energy, System Innovation and Transitions, Novel Business Models, Electric Mobilty Technologies, Sustainable Urban Projects and Planning. 

Collaborations include the European Climate-KIC program Smart Sustainable Districts - Smart Sustainable Districts focusing on transport, energy, waste and well-being.

Dr Jeff Hardy - expertise in non-traditional business models, future energy systems, climate change adaptation and sustainable development.