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Industries & Expertise

Data Science

ICON’s solutions, based on Imperial College London’s flourishing expertise across the major areas of data science, has helped organisations from Barclays to Dyson prosper during this data revolution. 

Imperial College London is home to an inter-disciplinary community of skilled data science pioneers.


With expertise in areas ranging from astrophysics to medical statistics, our consultants are committed to researching and innovating the ground breaking data methods and technologies of the future. They strive to make a difference in the real world through the application of their knowledge and experience to problems faced by global organisations.


We have helped clients solve a range of problems:


  • Machine learning 

    Computational finance, pattern recognition, probabilistic inference and support vector machines

  • Statistics 

    Bayesian data analysis, medical statistics, methodology assessment, probability and statistical inference.

  • Data Analytics, modelling and evaluation

    Data cleaning, data mining, data quality and data visualisation, integer programmes, Markov processes, analytics, analytic reasoning and semantic extraction techniques.

  • Big Data 

    Bioinformatics, data fusion, genetic algorithms, hardware and software infrastructure and time series analysis.


Whether you need help finding patterns in stock market transactions, extracting unexpected, actionable insights from your dataset or designing a robot to bring you tea, we can help you solve a problem flexibly and responsively.