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Industries & Expertise

Civil Engineering

Imperial College London hosts one of the leading civil engineering research departments in the UK and has a strong industrial focus that has enabled ICON to facilitate projects for organisations from Transport for London (TFL) to Chorus.

ICON’s civil engineering solutions have been applied across a diverse number of topics, from small scale systems to large projects such as transport systems and structural design.


Our consultants have for example used cutting edge knowledge of seismic assessment to understand the impacts of extreme events such as blast and fire on structures, studied the endurance of floors in buildings when people walk over them, advised on measures to ensure buildings are not only safe but also, comfortable environments for people to live in.


We have helped clients solve a range of problems:


  • Management in engineering

    Air traffic, railway operation, sustainable water systems, land-use, wave management, marine geohazards, sustainable urban systems, seismic hazards, sustainable urban systems, waste, seismic activity, modelling, evaluation and risk assessment.

  • Modelling in engineering

    Fluid dynamics, extreme wave, travel demands, rainfall and run-off, mechanics, geomechanics and optimisation algorithms.

  • Testing in engineering

    Heavy scale testing frames, flumes and wave tanks, concrete durability, compression testing, ring shear apparatus, random wave generators, triaxial testing and soil dynamics.



Whether you need help with traffic engineering, developing a database for risk mitigation or analysis on structural behaviour, we can find the right people to help you solve a problem flexibly and responsively.