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Industries & Expertise

Bioengineering and Biotechnology

Drawing on the expertise and equipment based at world renowned Imperial College London, ICON’s solutions have helped firms develop some of the world’s most innovative and sophisticated technologies that benefit both the client and society.

Imperial’s interdisciplinary expertise in bioengineering and biotechnology leads the UK field and spans the life sciences, engineering and medicine disciplines.

Many of these experts work together as part of the Industrial Biotechnology Hub and Agri-Net which are networks dedicated to developing innovative applied solutions for industry and government agencies.

We have helped clients solve a range of problems:


  • Bioengineering expertise

    Plant sciences, microbial physiology, systems biology and mathematical modelling, catalysis/synthesis, chemical biology, flow chemistry, sustainable manufacturing processes/construction, process design, biomechanics amd mechanobiology, cell and molecular bioengineering, human and biological robotics and neural engineering.

  • Biotechnology expertise

    Synthetic biology, biocatalysis and metabolic engineering, bioinformatics, metabolomics, proteomics, glycomics, nanotechnology, imaging, image analysis and information systems, artificial bioactive material and implants plus neurotechnology.

  • Applied Biosciences expertise

    Bioenergy/biorenewables, bioremediation and waste treatment, bioprocessing and bioseparations, biologics, implants, regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, agri-food, brain-related illnesses and blast injury.



Whether you need help with testing biological samples, developing novel biomaterials or determining the motion analysis for a new product, we can find the right people to help you solve a problem flexibly and responsively.